Conducting the UGA "Wind Symphony" 

Here is what Band Directors, Students and Parents have to say about me:

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Mr. Reus! His positivity is contagious, and his teaching approach is amazing. Working with him our daughter is not only learning how to play the French Horn beautifully, but she is also developing a respect, understanding, and love for music. Mr. Reus brings inspiration, enthusiasm, and encouragement to those who know him. He truly goes above and beyond for his students and provides unparalleled musical knowledge and experience. Mr. Reus is the positive presence that parents wish their child will have the opportunity to meet in life. It is an honor to know him and to have a daughter learn from him. We are forever grateful, Mr. Reus!

Bethany T. 

His infectious personality, knowledge and passion for music will inspire any young horn player. Taking lessons with Achim will transform your technique and

musicality. With the right motivation, your skill will grow faster than you ever thought was possible. But Achim is more than just a teacher. He's a friend and a mentor, your best ally and your biggest fan. If you love music as much as he does, he will do everything he can to help you fulfill your dream, just as he has done for me.

Jack Weisenborn, Freshman at University of Alabama "Moody School of Music" ,All-State Symphonic Band, Atlanta Youth Wind Symphony and Emory Youth Symphony Orchestra. 

In my twenty years as a high school educator, no individual coach or teacher has had a bigger impact on my bands than Achim Reus. He has single handedly transformed our horn section, cluster-wide, in the three years he has worked with our students. He has doubled the retention of horn players in the program and transformed them into strong, musical players that help lead every band in our program. 

Erik Mason, Director of Bands, Mill Creek HS

The horns have been sounding really outstanding. Definitely don't sound like middle school horn players. Thanks for all of your work with our students. It has made a huge difference. Great work!

Dr. Andrew Poor, Band Director South Forsyth MS

Thank you for being so inspiring!!! My son (8th grade) couldn't have done all his accomplishments (All-State Band) without your weekly inspiration, tips and encouragement! As a fellow student of yours I know what it feels like to be your student. You're AWESOME!!!

Lisa A. 

Thank you so much for being such a stellar teacher and that you have faith in me, it truly means a lot to me every time I have a lesson with you because I always walk out happy because I know what to fix and how to fix what I need to fix. You have essentially restored my confidence as a performer since the beginning and your passion for teaching horn really inspires me and I aspire to keep on growing. Horn lessons are my favorite part of the week because I'm always so eager to learn the details of what music has to offer and your energy is so contagious that it has transferred to me when I'm practicing alone. It's like I almost hear your voice in my head sometimes and I can't wait to see what the rest of our time together with lessons has to offer! With your help I got accepted into the "Schwob School of Music" at Columbus State University. Thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher.

Tyler Kimball, Freshman at Columbus State University

"Schwob School of Music", 2. chair ALL-STATE Orchestra.   

Having Achim work with our brass is a tremendous asset to the band. The students enjoy their time with him and grow musically with each and every visit. Achim's enthusiasm and energy creates a fun and active learning environment with benefited the induvidual students and the entire ensemble. 

 Mark Provost, Band Director, Oconee HS

Thank you so much for all of your help with our horns!! Their success at district honor band auditions is a huge testament to your teaching. We're so appreciative of you and can't wait to have you back soon!

Hunter McGee, Director of Bands, Riverwatch MS

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